• Vibration is a greater threat to electronics than shock. Moulded pulp dampens vibration up to three times more effectively than EPS.
  • Deflects, dissipates and reduces G forces.
  • Naturally static free, static neutral, low in conductivity and free from dust caused by static electricity.
  • Tolerances are tightly controlled to dimensional and weight standards.

Sine Sweep Vibration Test

Vibration Test Specifications
Vibration Frequency: 5-50 Hz
PSD: 1.44m squared/5 (0.015 G/Hz)
RMS Value: 8.14m/S (O.B.G)
Bottom Surface: 3 Hours 30 Min. Passed
Front Surface: 2 Hours 30 Min. Passed
Left Surface: 5 Hours 30 Min. Passed
Television Weight: 11 kg

Drop Test Results

Cushioning Properties - Better than foam!